Trade exhibitions are events held once a year, usually sponsored by a trade group and geared toward a specific industry. Every industry, for the most part, has a trade fair, and there might be hundreds of national and international trade fairs and expositions in a single year.

The majority of trade events are organized privately and are primarily targeted towards industry professionals. Of course, depending on your business, there are a variety of ways to find out when a trade fair will be place.

Another way to find out when the next international or national trade fairs will be held, is to contact:

  • Your industry’s trade associations.
  • Local convention centers.

All international and national trade fairs and exhibitions are planned well in advance, allowing associations to be aware of the dates and locations of upcoming trade fairs.

trade fair
Trade Fair

International Trade Fairs

The best way to get new customers and allow your business to expand is to participate in trade fairs and exhibitions in your industry. Many major investors and potential customers often attend national and international trade fairs to find the best options in the industry. In addition, through these exhibitions you can make yourself known and expand your business on a macro level. And this is possible because trade fairs are the best economic alternative to generate new sales and get more target customers.

One of the great benefits of trade fairs is their popularity, and that is that in just one year, thousands of conventions of this type are held around the world. Another benefit of trade fairs is that they are held in selected venues, such as Orlando, Dubai, Las Vegas, etc.

In short, if you want to make yourself known in an international or national fair and gain recognition in the industry in which you work, in addition to getting potential customers, you must participate in a trade fair. 

Advantages of trade fairs over other marketing techniques

Trade fairs are the best alternative to get new clients, in addition to making it easier to get new business contacts, and that without counting the strength it brings to the name and image of the company, especially in the industry in which it operates. Even taking the first step to attend trade fairs and exhibitions in your industry, whether in your country or another area where you want to have greater commercial penetration, greatly favors companies. In many cases, it is the first contact with other international clients, thus achieving more export possibilities.

Other important advantages and features of trade fairs

  • Facilitates sales procedures.
  • Facilitates entry into new markets, such as international export.
  • Attracts a large and motivated target audience.
  • Helps communication and personal exchange with customers.
  • Regular customers can be served and new ones can be acquired.
  • Allows immediate feedback, as the degree of satisfaction with the product can be checked.
  • It allows visitors to meet and talk with different suppliers.
  • You can compare conditions, prices and implement the 5 senses: smell, touch, see, hear and taste.
  • It helps to find international agents and distributors.

Example of successful international trade fairs

An example of successful international trade fairs is Madrid Games Week, one of the best video game conventions. Video games are a relatively new sector in the world of trade fairs, in fact, it has an annual turnover of between 1,479 and 1,500 million euros.

According to information provided by the AEVI association and IFEMA, the last edition was attended by more than 139,000 people. In addition, the biggest video game brands came together, with their new products, accompanied by numerous activities for the general public and professionals.

product exhibition
Product presentation

Trade fairs and exhibitions

All the activities that various industries have exhibited, make trade fairs and expositions interesting and attractive experiential events for visitors. In addition, they are an excellent option to exhibit and promote the brands of each of the companies that participate in these conventions. The trade fair sector in Spain is not only composed of the trade fair institutions that organize the venues, manage or co-organize their own fairs, there are also associations and private companies that execute their fairs and trade fairs in these venues or other facilities. One of these companies is us, Swintfair, where we provide thousands of customers and suppliers with a web portal where they can find each other.

Even trade fairs and exhibitions that are not as well known are still an excellent marketing method for many companies. In addition, companies can build on the advantages and features detailed in this article to grow their businesses in the industry in which they operate.

Is it worth participating in a trade fair?

If you are looking for the best opportunity to discover and interact with your target audience and generate new contacts and customers, trade fairs and exhibitions are your best option. The best marketing campaigns start at trade fairs, where you can accelerate the formation of new relationships and close sales with interested parties, vendors and buyers of your product. What’s more, by making live sales, you allow your staff to attract and stimulate potential customers to purchase your product. In addition, by participating in an international trade fair, you have the special opportunity to make direct contact with users, build trust and finalize a sale. The environment surrounding trade fairs is ideal, since buyers have an excellent receptivity, which you should take advantage of to sell your product and make yourself known.